We offer our clients exceptional personal service in accounting, auditing, taxes and controllership. Get in touch with us to find out what solutions we provide for your personal or business accounting needs.

Accounting & Auditing

The users of your financial statements may require different degrees of assurance. Therefore, we offer distinct levels of service involving financial statements: audit, review, compilation, and forecasts or projections.


In an audit engagement, we provide the highest level of assurance on the company’s financial statements. The company’s financial statements are examined in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards and we then express an opinion as to whether the financial statements are presented fairly in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles. This involves testing of the company data to assure its accuracy. Whether your needs are for banking, or governmental compliance, we are qualified to help you.


A review is sometimes sufficient for a client’s management and its creditors. In a review engagement, we review a company’s financial statements and issue a report giving a limited degree of assurance. Analytical procedures are applied during a review to determine whether the financial statements and footnote disclosures are reasonable. Reviewed financial statements provide a useful management perspective on company operations.

Assurance services include audit and review statement engagements and are a significant part of our professional practice. Our professionals approach the audit of your organization’s financial statements as more than a routine, historical compliance activity. We are made aware of the challenges facing your industry and its changing business risks. We can recommend ways to ensure the quality of the data you depend on for practical decision making and management of resources.

When Sampson & Associates, Inc. audits your organization’s financial statements, our good reputation along with our audit opinion helps assure your stakeholders, as well as regulators, lenders, tax authorities and suppliers that your financial statements fairly represents your company.


Tax services include tax preparation for businesses, individuals, trusts, and deferred compensation plans. Tax planning for businesses and individuals to minimize tax liabilities and take advantage of tax credits and incentives is an important part of our practice.

We have invested in some of the best software and training for our team members. Our professionals are experienced in preparation and compliance issues for various types of business entities, including S corporations, C corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies as well as consolidated returns. Because some of our clients conduct business in various states, we are trained in preparation of various state and local returns and the management of these specialized compliance issues.

In addition, we have also successfully represented our clients in internal revenue service and state audit exams. We have secured refunds for new clients when amended returns are filed to recover overpaid CAT taxes or an application is filed to recover taxes paid based on net operating losses.


We can offer our small business owner clients a wide array of accounting, tax preparation and planning and bookkeeping services tailored for their specific needs.

Our practice offers these services:

  • Financial statement compilations
  • Tax planning and return preparation for business entities
  • Computer accounting system training &support (QuickBooks, Peachtree or other software)
  • Payroll tax preparation
  • Business start-up consulting
  • Taxpayer representation before tax authorities
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